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Join the TxNCLCA Leadership Board

The Executive Board of the Texas Affiliate of the National College Learning Center Association is seeking new officers in several positions, detailed below. Self-nominations are welcome! After the nomination period has ended, nominated individuals will be contacted to confirm their interest and to provide a brief statement of interest.

Nomination Deadline: November 7, 2022

Voting Opens: November 11, 2022

Elections Close: November 30, 2022

Description of Offices

Vice President (3-year commitment)

  • Coordinate professional development activities. Chair the Professional Development Committee, & coordinate affiliate annual meeting/conference.

  • Assume the role as president after one year as vice-president. Assume the role as past president after serving as president.

Secretary (2-year commitment)

  • Record the minutes of meetings, update and maintain Bylaws, TxNCLCA records, and membership registry.

Treasurer (2-year commitment)

  • Manage, file, and present an annual report of all monies spent and earned under the direction and approval of the TXNCLCA board.

Marketing and Communications Officer (2-year commitment)

  • Promote membership and maintain the TxNCLCA website.

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